Who am I?

Who am I? Well, for starters, my name is René. Ever since I can remember, I have been a typical ADHDer. I lose my keys, my books, my essays, my homework, and my glasses when they are on my face. I was diagnosed at the tender age of 11, but never received treatment until age 25. The experience of learning that what I have is real and that it can be worked with began there.

Black Girl Lost Keys was created to share the experience of receiving a diagnosis of ADHD late in life, all while being part of a demographic that is still largely skeptical of mental illnesses. 

Don’t let the title intimidate you, there is something for everyone here. People with ADHD often suffer with additional disorders that come along with it, and can include depression, anxiety, OCD, oppositional defiance order, and a slew of other abnormalities. 

As for me, anxiety, depression and ADHD are enough to manage.  Leave a comment and say hello, or email me at blackgirllostkeys@gmail.com. I hope you’ll feel like this is a safe haven from the world and its lack of understanding. Please share your experiences as well, because we can all learn from each other. I may not know you personally, but it is my prayer that each and every one of us walk away from this experience with something to help us along the way.

Until next time,